Talk about a non-existent or sloppy background check, this one takes the cake.

Kevin Morales was working at Courtesy Chevrolet, a Phoenix dealership located on Camelback Road when he decided to steal a new Camaro using a dealership license tag for use by sales personnel. Apparently he wasn’t familiar with “OnStar,” the factory installed stolen car locater because after he stole the car, Police had no problem locating the car at his apartment complex. To their surprise, Police also found a Chevy Traverse stolen from the dealership and parked next to the stolen Camaro.

Morales was arrested and charged with two felony counts of vehicle theft.

After he was booked, he confided to court employees that he got a job in Sales at Camelback Ford, located a short distance from Courtesy Chevrolet!

Do you think his background should have been checked?