Why Perform your Background Screening with us?
The Fidelity Difference!
We accept responsibility for reporting accurate information. Most screening companies contain a disclaimer in their contract that relieves them of responsibility for the accuracy of the report.
Review & Compare
We review all search results to make sure the subject of the search is the same person in the report by comparing the social security number, date of birth, past residences, complete name and any aliases.
We validate the social security number information by determining the names used in connection with it. Most importantly, we determine if the SSN is valid by searching through the death index. Obtaining a SSN of a deceased person has become a popular Identity Fraud technique used to circumvent the problems associated with bad credit.
We Deliver
We deliver complete accurate results usually within 1 to 2 hours. Unlike our competitors, we never use a “pass through system”, where information goes directly to you without confirmation. We REVIEW, COMPARE, VALIDATE, and make sure that you get what you are paying for, avoiding you waste of time and money.