From Background Checks to Credit Reports,
rely on us to find accurate and current records.

Background Checks

Avoid Legal Issues

Complete and customizable searches to help you avoid legal and economic issues.


Learn the truth

Employment, education, and landlord verifications, reveal the truth about an individual’s background.

Credit Reports

Simplified Reporting

Our Credit Reports summarize information in a clear format. Credit scores are available.

We Serve
Temporary Employment Agencies
Car Dealerships
Property Management Companies
Home Owner Associations (HOA)
Condominium Associations
Apartment Complexes
Why Choose
Fidelity Data Service as your Background Screening Company?
We review all search results to make sure the subject of the search is the same person in the report by comparing the social security number, date of birth, past residences, complete name and any aliases.
Common Search Results
Armed Robbery – Assault & Battery – Public Drunk – Rape – Homicide – Prostitution – Theft – Robbery – Stalking – Lewd & Lascivious Conduct – Murder – Fraud – Breaking & Entering – Auto Theft – Arson – Domestic Violence – Child Abuse – Kidnapping – Drug Possession – Assault – Sexual Assault – Vandalism – Indecent Exposure – Child Molestation – Extortion – Carrying a Concealed Weapon – Communicating Threats – Drug Trafficking – Automatic Firearm Possession – Disorderly Conduct – Impersonation – Home Invasion – Carjacking – Solicitation – Shoplifting – Cocaine Possession – Identity Theft – Aggravated Assault – Burglary – Sexual Battery – Drug Sale – Embezzlement – Resisting Arrest – Unlawful Entry – Purse Snatching – Manslaughter – False Imprisonment